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Newly released stills from Disney’s upcoming short “Feast” reveals an adorable Boston Terrier named Winston, the lead in a short about an adopted dog who bonds with his new owner over food. “Feast” will be shown before “Big Hero 6”

First trailer for Disney’s “Big Hero 6” released today! “Big Hero 6” is loosely based on the not-super-well-known comic series. The whole thing has been reset by Disney and takes place in the fictional city called San Fransokyo. The story ceneters around the little hero you see here, Hiro Hamada, and his self-created robot Baymax.

My “Godzilla” Review

Godzilla: I came for an action-packed dinosaur themed monster movie and that’s exactly what I got. Major kudos to the visual and special-effects teams, who took all Godzilla’s before it and improved on every level. The sounds of the monsters reminded me of the recognizable sounds of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, best heard (and felt) in a movie theater. The destruction is realistic, grand, but not over-the-top. Believe it or not, I actually have to give a shout out to the editing. The film was cut showing the perfect amount of action so that it wasn’t too much or too little. The two major downfalls are with various logistics (such as: leaving your phone in another room on vibrate when you haven’t heard from your loved one - whom could be dead, and you’ve “been trying to find”) and 95% bad acting. The only actors who were good were Ken Wantanabe and Bryan Cranston. I’m able to over look those two things to enjoy what I came for and leave entertained and with a smile. (And maybe wanting some new Godzilla toys)

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